Our Services

Services Tailored Specifically for
Electric, Water and Gas Utilities

As a leading advanced meter services company, Bellwether Management Solutions offers a wide selection of meter services for electric, water, and gas utilities.  Many utilities are cutting costs by outsourcing these operations, and Bellwether has proven itself to be accurate and cost effective. 

Our advanced meter installation and meter field services are tailored to the specific needs of the utility.  AMI (Automated Meter Infrastructure) / AMR (Automated Meter Reading) Meter Installation, Utility Field Services, and Contract Meter Reading can be done completely with Bellwether crews or we can supplement existing utility personnel, depending on the specific need.

Meter Installation Services:

- Electric, Gas, and Water AMI / AMR  Meter Deployments
- Residential and Commercial Meter Installation
- Project Management
- Inventory Management

Utility Field Services:

- Meter Read Audits
- Site Safety Inspections
- Disconnects / Reconnects
- Collections
- Contract Meter Reading
- Meter Change Outs

Focus on Safety and Reliability

When choosing a Company for an AMI/AMR Meter Deployment Project, Utility Field Services, Contract Meter Reading, a Meter Read Audit, or Site Safety Inspections; Safety and Reliability are two qualities that should be highly considered.  While in the field, Bellwether is representing your company and while doing so, our goal is to meet or exceed your safety and reliability standards as we perform our duties.  Our extensive training program ensures all of our employees will be equipped to handle situations in the field safely and accurately.  Bellwether has built a reputation of quality service and reliability in everything we do.

The Bellwether Difference

Attention to Detail for Solutions that
Benefit Our Customers

AMI / AMR Meter Installation

Attention to detail and accurate data collection is the key to a successful Automated Meter Infrastructure (AMI) / Automated Meter Reading AMR deployment project.  As an Advanced Meter Installation Company for Electric, Water, and Gas utilities, Bellwether's procedures and dedicated project management ensure quality care is given to all facets of the AMI/AMR deployment and meter installation processes.  This includes tracking of inventory, on-site collection of the required meter information, removal of old meter, jaw tension testing, new AMI / AMR meter installation, multiple pictures of old and new meters, and updating meter information in the client's CIS / billing system.  Bellwether is the right Advanced Meter Installation Company for your utility!

Meter Read Audit/Site Safety Inspection

Does your utility already have Advanced Meter System?  If so, it remains vital to regularly set eyes on your investment.  Regular verification of your assets, and their performance in the field, is crucial to tightening up the “bottom line” and avoiding serious safety hazards!  Bellwether will verify billing system meter readings with the what the meter actually reads, verify meter data in billing records (i.e. meter number, module number, location, etc.), check for meter diversions, check for multipliers, verify GPS coordinates, check for safety hazards, conduct a site survey (i.e. transformer size, verify outdoor lighting, etc.), and more!

Field Services

As a Field Services company, Bellwether's personnel are dedicated to delivering quality service that helps the utility improve field operations while reducing cost and minimizing customer complaints.  Bellwether's goal is to provide a service that is adaptable and responsive to the client's needs in all areas of field activities including: Meter Audits, Non-Pay Disconnects and Reconnects, Reads-in and Read-outs for Connection of or Termination of Service, Meter Change-Outs, and Collections.

Contract Meter Reading

Since meter reading is considered the "cash register" of the utility industry, the accuracy and timeliness of reads is crucial to maintaining revenue flow.  Bellwether provides professional, reliable personnel for contract meter reading services who deliver timely and accurate reads and represent your company with pride.  By choosing Bellwether's contract meter reading service, a utility can reduce personnel costs and also create an opportunity for a seamless transition to AMI/AMR.  Bellwether is the meter reading company you can trust to deliver quality service you depend on.