EnergyUnited selected Bellwether to complete our changeout of over 133,000 meters. Originally scoped as a 2.5-year project, Bellwether was able to adapt to changing business needs and accelerate the project by a year. Bellwether went above and beyond to mitigate access issues and member requirements leaving us with just a handful of meters to cleanup at the end of the project. Bellwether addressed member complaints in a timely manner and to the member’s satisfaction. Their commitment to integrity, project management, and customer service resulted in a successful AMI deployment. I would choose Bellwether again and would recommend them to anyone ready to begin a meter changeout project.
Ben Godsell, EnergyUnited Electric Membership Corporation
Weakley County Municipal Electric System used Bellwether Management Solutions as Contractor on our AMI Project. Bellwether installed almost 20,000 meters during our 12-month installation process. We were very pleased with the quality and quantity of work that Bellwether performed. The employees were easy to work with and managed our project well. I was particularly impressed with how few complaints we received from our customers, even though we had no advance informational campaign. The few complaints we received were very minor and were resolved to the customers' satisfaction in a timely manner by the Bellwether staff. I am happy to give Bellwether a very favorable reference.
Faron L. Collins, Weakley Municipal Electric System
Bellwether was great to work with while changing out all of our 85,000 metering points. The pictures taken of the old and new meters for each meter change was instrumental in assisting us with member concerns from the meter changes or high bill concerns. The file imports allowed us to complete the meter changes in our CIS system without creating a meter change order for each service. The records were easily accessible and the team was great to work with. Due to the efficiency of the systems and personnel we were able to finish ahead of schedule.
James D. Green, Jr., Brunswick Electric Membership Corporation
When we started planning our AMI deployment we recognized that we could not complete the install in the time frame that we wanted with internal resources. We decided to engage external resources and after some research we found that one of our existing business partners provided this service. That partner was Bellwether Management Solutions. They developed an offering based on our desired time line and brought two dedicated and experienced resources to the table for the project. The original plan was for a 24 month single phase residential deployment. The project was delivered in 22 months with good feedback from our members. I would definitely recommend Bellwether to anyone considering an AMI deployment.
Tim Peede, South River Electric Membership Corporation
At Wake Electric, we knew we wanted to deploy our new AMI systems as efficiently as possible. While we had some available resources within the company, those resources did not have any hands on experience with a mass meter change out like the project ahead of us. Having Bellwether Management Solutions provide an experienced person, as well as proven AMI deployment handhelds and software, really helped our employees hit the ground running. At this point we are ahead of expectations because of Bellwether Management Solutions' help.
Don Bowman, Wake Electric Membership Corporation
Learned this morning that Mark with Bellwether finished installing all of the electric meters, as contracted. I would like to commend the Bellwether Staff and Harry. They coordinated and worked so well together, it can only be described as poetry in motion, it was Team Work in every sense of the word. I always received the changeout information in a timely matter and the information was accurate. I only requested a few photos because of customers insistence that the old meter read was wrong and each time I was able to show them a picture of the meter with the same ending read as the read on their bill. Bellwether is a very professional outfit and it was an absolute delight and honor to have them assist us in this very important project.
Tammie Simmons, City of Laurinburg, NC